Carry workouts

3 rounds of:

40m bear hug carry

40m front rack carry

40m shoulder carry (20m each shoulder)

40m back rack carry

40m headlock carry (20m each side)

40m overhead carry

Use a sandbag which allows you to feel the right muscle tension.

bear hug -> lower and side abs 

front rack -> chest muscles and teres major 

shoulder carry-> lower and side abs

back rack -> lower and side abs

headlock carry -> side abs

overhead carry->chest muscles and teres major 

6 min of concentration and hard work:

Carry your sandbag in a bear hug for 20m intervalls, after each intervall do 6 bear hug squats. Try to keep breathing through your nose the whole time without resting!    #beatyourself

try and error

Carry your sandbag in your own chosen way and try to carry it differently every few meters. Meaning try to go sideways, backwards, smaller steps or with more pressure on your foot bale and see if it feels different in your working muscles.  

400m Challenge

Carry your sandbag for 400m and focus on your own body. It’s not about the 400m it’s about how you carry your sandbag! Focus on your breathing pattern and just keep breathing through your nose. As soon as some other muscles start working more than those who are supposed to work, you have to stop, regroup and focus again.