Hinge workouts

5 rounds of:

40m sandbag drag + 10 lap squats  

Your biggest aim is to get your hamstrings and your butt working, so get these burning and work as long without a break as you can!

Till you quit:

15 sec stiff leg dl and 15 sec squat hold bottom position

Make sure that you keep working in a range of motion so that you feel your hamstring and butt working the whole time! The better you get in your hinge movement the bigger your range of motion is gonna get. Also when you hold the bottom position of your squat make sure you gonna keep the same muscles working.   #bebetterthanlastime

7 rounds with 5 reps every minute on the minute

5 lap squats

Use a weight which is gonna force you to give everything you got! So don’t worry if you’re not gonna make 5 reps in your last couple of rounds, but at least try to keep 3 reps! Hamstrings and butt will be on fire! 

60 sec challenge

60 seconds to do as many stiff leg deadlifts as possible without resting in between, use 1/3 of your bodyweight!  #grexgym