Pull workouts

4 rounds of:

15 sec bent over rows

15 sec bent over hold (upper position)

During this workout make sure that you use your core muscles to hold your position and not just your lower back. 

8 minutes of pain 

20 m sb drag

10 bent over rows

10 strict presses 

Try to work for 8 min without resting. So don’t focus on your total amount of rounds, make sure you keep the right muscles working for 8 min. If you can’t do that, then try to push (more weight or more rounds)! 

horizontal fighter 

10 floor presses followed by 10 bend over rows

9 floor presses 9 bend over rows

8 floor presses 8 bend over rows

1 floor press 1 bend over row

Main muscles to focus are chest and teres major/ lat, but make sure that both muscles are working in each movement!