Push workouts

4 rounds of:

15 sec sb presses

15 sec hold (lower active position) 

You can do this with every press variation, but keep in mind which muscles you wanna feel and train.

Push yourself harder as you have ever done before

Let’s see how far u can go! #grexchestburner 

One round till you quit, then rest as long as you need and keep going with the next press variation.

Strict press

Push press

Bench press

Floor press

The 55

Start with 10 sb thrusters and then do 10 sb floor presses. In your second round you gonna do 9 sb thrusters and 10 sb floor presses. Keep going till you finished your last round with 1 sb thruster and 10 sb floor presses.   #grexercise 

The 3 rounds

Do as many sb clean and presses as possible in 60 sec, rest as long as you need and repeat that for 3 rounds in total.