Squat workouts

3 rounds of:

6 front rack lunges

6 front rack squats

6 front rack stepups

As many rounds as possible without resting:

1 back rack lunge left

1 back rack lunge right

1 back rack squat        

The pyramid 

Try not to drop the sb in between of the workout. If you made it use a heavier sandbag the next time around. Let’s see how far you can go!

10 squats with 1 sec pause in the bottom position

9 squats with 2 sec pause in the bottom position

8 squats with 3sec pause in the bottom position

1 squat with 10sec pause in the bottom position

60 sec challenge

60 sec time to do as many bear hug squats as possible without resting! Weight should be around 0,5 of your bodyweight. Tag your video  #grexgym on Instagram.