Sandbag Home Workout of the Week 3

Assistance Work:Tabata side plank

A) Sb front rack carry for 400m, every time u drop the sb perform 10 front rack squats

B) 100 strict sb presses, go heavy so that u have to rest at least 4 times 

C) 5 rounds, rest as needed after each round:ME but burner sprint the same distance without resting

Weitere Home WoW

Sandbag Home WOW9

A) AMRAP 5: 5 sb squats 20m sb carry B) AMRAP 5: 5 sb presses 20m front rack carry 

Sandbag Home WOW8

Go as long as you can: Drag your Sandbag 20m – #buttburner straight into Front Rack Lunges 20m

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