Sandbag Home Workout of the Week 6

A) EMOM 10
2 Kneeling sb get ups each arm
(Hold sb in a bear hug)

B)  Decline sb bench press
Perform 100 reps
every time you have to rest take a heavier sb and do 5 heavy sb decline bench presses.
Go for 5-6 rounds AHAP 

C) 3 rounds ME
1:00 bend over sb rows 
-rest as needed- 

Weitere Home WoW

Sandbag Home WOW11

A) 4 rounds of:sb floor presses/ hold bottom position15sec/ 15sec B) 4 rounds of sb FSHold the bottom position of your Front Squat and do

Sandbag Home WOW9

A) AMRAP 5: 5 sb squats 20m sb carry B) AMRAP 5: 5 sb presses 20m front rack carry 

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