WOD Di. 04.08.2020

A. Deadlift off Blocks – barbell at mid-thigh. Work up to a 2RM.
Option 1:EMOM 2-5 reps for 15:00
Option 2:5 working sets in 15:00
B. Sandbag Front Squat LadderChoose 6 weights. Line them up. 5 reps at each station. No rest in between stations. Hello lactate.2 sets.
C. 3 rounds:200m Sprint Rest until nasal inhale/exhale

Weitere wod

WOD 02.11.2020

Assistance Work:One leg Oblique OpenerTabata side Plank A) 2 rounds of:Banded decline bench press 90 sec B) In teams of 2:Incline bb bench press 100

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