WOD Do. 17.09.2020

Assistance Work:
60 sec oa Lat Pull downs
(focus on your TM)
60 sec db rotations Curls
60 sec Triceps extentions

A) Find your max for 4 paused DL
Perform a 2 sec pause 2 cm off the floor.
Make your quads push the weight off the ground and let them burn!

B) 20 rounds for speed in teams of 2:
20m farmer carry, try to carry 50-60% of your max dl

Weitere wod

WOD 02.11.2020

Assistance Work:One leg Oblique OpenerTabata side Plank A) 2 rounds of:Banded decline bench press 90 sec B) In teams of 2:Incline bb bench press 100

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