WOD Mo. 17.08.2020

A. Wide Stance Below Parallel Box Squat:10 x 2 @ 85% 1RM

B. Front Rack Carry for roughly 20 meters – 5 sets:
1.) Sandbag on your hands. Front Rack. Not on your biceps.
2.) Grab a partner. You won’t see the finish line. 
3.) Fight gravity. The Sandbag will pull you forward. 

C. 2 Sets 100m Sled Sprint – 1 set:
try a weight and see how you feel at the 50m mark. Not a single slow step shall be taken. Fast and choppy feet. For the second set up the weight. You should feel miserable at the 50m mark. That’s the point. And then just finish the second 50m.

Weitere wod

WOD 02.11.2020

Assistance Work:One leg Oblique OpenerTabata side Plank A) 2 rounds of:Banded decline bench press 90 sec B) In teams of 2:Incline bb bench press 100

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