WODS KW. 44,
26.10. – 01.11.2020

Assistance Work:
Oblique Work – fire them up, while staying calm
3 rounds of:
1:00 oa KB up and down (sideways)
1:00 knee raises

Sb Squats
Pull Ups/ Ring rows

Assistance Work:
Oblique Work – fire them up, while staying calm
3 sets 1:00 lunges afap

A) 4 rounds of:
db floor presses (feet up, Obliques on)

B) 3 rounds of:
:30 sec sb Presses (Obliques on)

C) EMOM 12
3-5 Lat Pull downs
3-5 bent over bb rows (sup)

Assistance Work:
Lower Abs plus Obliques

A)2sets each, till you feel your
hammis burn:
SB Squats

B) 4 sets of:
Close stance bb back squats

Assistance Work:
Oblique work with suitcase carry

A) 3 rounds of:
HOH rope pull on your back into
standing HOH rope pull

B) Find your max for 20m
Yoke carry

C) 2-5 rounds of:
prowler sprints

Assistance Work:
Obliques, while doing 10 Min
Box Step ups 20/10 (move/hold)

A) 3 rounds of:
bent over db rows :30
bent over bb rows :30 (wide grip)
ring rows :30

B) 4 rounds of:
decline bb bench press

Assistance Work:
4x 20/10 Sissy Squats (banded)
Oblique Work – fire them up, while staying calm

A) 3 rounds of:
Run 400m (each afap, nose breathing)

B) Fran
sb thrusters
Pull Ups
Cap: 5:00

Assistance Work:
Inverted rows 4 sets ME 5 Pulls +
5 sec hold, keep your obliques on

A) EMOM till you quit
5 oa KB Squats

B) EMOM 12
3-5 banded DL

C) 2-5 rounds of:
:30s row
:30s V-ups
:30s sb cleans
ME each round, rest as needed

Weitere wod

WOD 02.11.2020

Assistance Work:One leg Oblique OpenerTabata side Plank A) 2 rounds of:Banded decline bench press 90 sec B) In teams of 2:Incline bb bench press 100

WOD So. 18.10.2020

Teams of 2: Row 200 cal 200m sb front rack Lunges 200 Box Jumps 200 decline sb floor presses

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